Freenode Socialism

“A woman’s place is in the struggle.” — Assata Shakur

About Us

##socialism is a feminist space for discussion and education about socialism, with an emphasis on the struggles of marginalized communities and people. We define socialism as democratic control of the economic system by society as a whole. We define feminism as a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at eliminating political, economic, and social inequalities between genders arising from structural oppression and exploitation of those who aren’t men.

Our channel strives to be non-sectarian and open to Marxists, socialists, and anarchists as well as others curious about leftist ideologies. Fascists, right-libertarians, and other reactionaries are not welcome. We are friendly to newcomers, both to the channel and socialist ideology. Off topic conversation is perfectly fine if it isn’t detracting from ongoing political discussions. Extended arguments between individual users that impede on other users’ ability to use the channel should be taken to private messages.

Users that spam our channel, use unnecessary hostility, or engage in/apologize for racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, genocide, imperialism, rape, or pedophilia will be warned, quieted, or banned. Public logging is not allowed and users found to be doing this will be banned. As we follow a discretionary moderation model, quiets/bans may be used in situations not described above to keep our community true to its principles.

How to Connect

Via IRC client

Simply connect to (SSL) or and join ##socialism

Via your browser

Visit our IRC channel

Beginner’s IRC Guide

Web clients like Kiwi IRC are convenient but if you intend to stick around on IRC it’s better in most cases to use an actual IRC client.

For Windows users, check out mIRC and Nettalk. OS X users can try Colloquy and LimeChat. Colloquy is also available for iOS. Android users should look into Atomic and HoloIRC. Linux and BSD users should already know some good clients. Some cross platform clients include HexChat, Irssi, and Chatzilla.

If you intend to be on IRC often it’s also recommended to register your username. On Freenode this is done by entering “/msg NickServ REGISTER password” once you have joined using a nick you like.

For security purposes it’s recommended to use cloak, which hides your IP address from other users on Freenode. To do this, after registering your nick, join #freenode and ask a staff member for a cloak.

Salutes to comrades syzygy and treeship wherever y’all are for helping us build this channel.